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Sep 16

Revmor Adaptive: Make a difference in the lives of disabled adults and children

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUBLICITY CONTACT: Leslie T. McClure (831) 656-0553, Email Leslie@411videoinfo.com REVMOR ADAPTIVE ESTABLISHES REVMOR DO MORE FUND & COZEE-ON-THE-GO! Fund created in conjunction with Ralph’s Riders to help the disabled & Specialized outerwear garment made especially for wheelchair users… Los Angeles, CA – September 15, 2011 – The Revmor Adaptive www.revmoradaptive.commission is to make everyday […]

Jul 03

Video Distribution Strategies

Video Distribution Strategies You’ve just completed the master on your special interest video, educational/training piece, or independent film. Now how do you get your title into the hands of the right audience? Distributing your title can prove to be the most challenging aspect of the entire production process. The key task is to define a […]

Apr 14


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUBLICITY CONTACTS: Leslie T. McClure (831) 656-656-0553, Email: Leslie@411videoinfo.com Melissa McNeese (845) 758-2121, Email: Melissa–FitPR@verizon.net DO OR DIE FITNESS MAKES WORKING OUT EASY! NEW PRODUCTS MODIFY MOVES FOR PROBLEM KNEES, WRISTS AND NECKS. LOS ANGELES – (April 21, 2011) — Now you can work out safely and in comfort with a new […]

Mar 05

Totalvid.com’s Video of the Week contest

Get in on the discussion http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=367&uid=167318189945153 This week’s Videos are Jennifer Galardi’s “Sweating Sexy” and Rainbeau Mars’ “Yoga for Beauty – Dawn”. Let us know who YOU think should win. We will announce the winner on Monday at the Totalvid Blog! For details on the contest and where to find the videos click on the […]

Sep 13

411 Video Information – Answers For The Independent Producer

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Listen to this episode with Sharifah Hardie: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sharifahhardie/2009/09/11/411-video-information–answers-for-the-independent-producer illegal steroids for sale click equipoise side effects anadrol steroid methenolone enanthate omnadren 250 cycle andriol-testocaps-profile.co.uk masteron steroids dr gerald andriole hostgator review green tea coffee bean steroidi anabolizzanti online recette pancakes protein? testosteron enanthaat sergi constance antes y despues anabolizantes online tramadol for sale balkan pharmaceuticals […]

Sep 13

Here’s a Smart Tape Trick: Dial 411

When titles like ‘The Well-Dressed Man’s Guide to Five Classic Tie Knots’ need exposure, producers call on niche specialist Leslie McClure. April 16, 1995|Donald Liebenson, Donald Liebenson is a Chicago-based free-lancer who writes about home video When the staff of “The Late Show With David Letterman” wants one-of-a-kind titles for “Dave’s Video Collection,” they dial […]