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Revmor Adaptive: Make a difference in the lives of disabled adults and children

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Fund created in conjunction with Ralph’s Riders to help the disabled &

Specialized outerwear garment made especially for wheelchair users…

Los Angeles, CA – September 15, 2011 – The Revmor Adaptive www.revmoradaptive.commission is to make everyday life a little easier and more fulfilling for the disabled. Their motto “Do More, See More, Be More with Revmor” says it all. Revmor Adaptive was started by entrepreneur, Rhonda Sapirstein, and the “Do More Fund” was established jointly between Rhonda & educator and lifestyle coach, Ellen Stohl, after a chance meeting when they both realized that they shared the same vision and passion to make everyday life a little easier and more fulfilling for the disabled. They developed the ‘Revmor Do More’ charity fund in conjunction with Ralph’s Riders (www.ralphsriders.org ) as a means to provide funding for the disabled to help enhance their life experiences, overall to make more dreams come true.  Revmor Adaptive was founded in the hopes of making a profound difference in the lives of those in wheelchairs, including veterans, accident-injured, elderly and/or people of all ages who are medically and/or physically challenged. The Cozee-on-the-Go is the first product developed and brought to market by Revmor Adaptive.

‘Cozee-on-the-Go’ are specialized garments made from colorful, carefree polar fleece and 100% terrycloth material, designed especially for wheelchair users so they can be worn quickly, easily, and comfortably.  The warm, snuggly, Cozee-on-the-Go polar fleece poncho is ideal for the outdoors, traveling, wearing at a football game, a trip to the beach, mountains, or going to the grocery store.  The Cozee-on-the-Go terry bath cape can be easily slipped on when getting out of a shower, bath, therapeutic pool, or the ocean.  Both can be worn while staying home, reading a book, cooking or watching TV. They are easy to wear and luxuriously comfortable. Both garments are longer in the front, drape down below the knee and are cut shorter in the back, very easy to get on, easy to take off, and built for convenient carrying.

Revmor Adaptive has developed a corporate sponsorship program for Cozee-on-the-Go. The sponsorship program makes it easy and surprisingly affordable for businesses and organizations of all sizes to sponsor a Cozee-On-The-Go! with their business logo, thereby providing custom-created garments to many who could otherwise not afford them!  They are perfect for sports organizations, hotels, airlines, schools and more.

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, call 818-681-0300 orhttp://www.revmoradaptive.com/corporate_sponsorship.html

Revmor Adaptive also sells on a wholesale basis to companies and organizations that want to resell the garments, as opposed to gifting them to members of the disabled community.

Ellen Stohl, who lost her ability to walk in a car accident 28 years ago was determined to live a full and vibrant life, and has been an inspiration to many. As such, she is the perfect spokesperson and face of Revmor Adaptive. Ellen is the very essence of the life that Revmor wants for anyone in a wheelchair: active, vital and ready to take on new adventures and challenges. Together, she and Rhonda Sapirstein designed Cozee-on-the-Go and The Do More Fund to help so many people.

Please note: Both Ellen Stohl and Rhonda Sapirstein are available for interviews and appearances. Please call (831) 656-0553 to schedule.

About Ellen Stohl:

Ellen is one of the first women to broach the subject of sexuality with regard to the disabled. In 1987, she appeared in Playboy Magazine. Ellen moves around in her full and vibrant life, using a manual wheelchair. Advanced education, experience and life story have given Ellen unique insights into the human psyche.  She travels extensively and gives groundbreaking lectures about self-esteem and body image. Her willingness to challenge social norms has broken down many stereotypes and has helped change the way people view themselves and others. She is an acclaimed educator at CSUN, a life coach, a writer, a wife, a mother and an advocate for the disabled. Ellen has appeared on Howard Stern, Geraldo, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and a number of other national and international television shows. Most recently, CBS- TV in Los Angeles did a segment on her which focused on the last 24 years of her life.  She is an active lecturer who has presented in the USA, England, Australia and Brazil. Ellen works to help people discover themselves and their potential, and coaches them to envision an exciting life full of possibilities. Ellen’s clients include The Marriott Corporation, Market Evolution, Manufacturing and Financial Marketing, Ability Magazine, ASTM Committee, Westways, Cal. State Fullerton, Cal. State Northridge, Mount St. Marys University, Mercy Hospital, Achilles Track Club, Wyngs, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and New Mobility Magazine.

About Rhonda Sapirstein:

Rhonda Sapirstein is an entrepreneur and the founder of Revmor Adaptive Inc. She has spent most of her career in the entertainment industry. Currently the Director of Special Markets for DVA, Inc., a Fortune 5000 company which is a family-owned and operated business specializing in DVD distribution, Rhonda has in-depth experience in finding niche distribution channels for DVD programming. Born and raised in Canada,

Rhonda is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal. After a number of management positions in Los Angeles from 1985 to 1999, Rhonda built her own successful DVD distribution company and now is concentrating her efforts on Revmor Adaptive and building the Revmor Do More Fund.  She is the mother of two daughters.



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