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LOS ANGELES – (April 21, 2011) — Now you can work out safely and in comfort with a new line of fitness tools from Do or Die Fitness. These new products make it easier for people with problem knees, wrists and necks to do moves that were impossible for them before. The Wrist Wedges, Knee Donuts and Neck Circles provide the support, stability and comfort needed for those who have trouble putting weight on their wrists and knees and/or need support for their neck. Conceived by the company’s founders, Karyn Klein and Gretchen Zelek, the line was tested by a team of fitness pros including experts in biomechanics, kinesiology and chiropractics.  They are available at www.dodfitness.com. The Wrist Wedges and Knee Donuts are $19.99 per pair. The Neck Circle is $9.99. A complete set of all three products in a handy tote bag is $44.99. Also available is the Do or Die Fitness Professional Model Wrist Wedge, designed for the elite athlete. Made of Pebble UltrakÔ, the textured surface provides traction and can sustain high volume use.

According to Do or Die Fitness co-founder Karyn Klein, “After years of teaching in the fitness and dance industry, I was struck by the number of people who repeatedly commented about pain while exercising.  The most prevalent areas of complaint were wrists, knees, and neck. It became evident we needed to solve the problem. After many prototypes and research (including consulting biomechanists and kinesiologists from the Los Angeles area) we found the solution. Our products are made for everyone who exercises. Our goal is to make exercise easy.”

All of the Do or Die Fitness products are made in the USA. Their specially designed foam is covered in a waterproof, sweat-proof and bleach-proof coating. The foam is made to a specific density to provide support and cushioning. They are extremely lightweight and easy to take to a class or gym. The products are appropriate for anyone to use at home or in a workout studio. Personal trainers, physical therapists, yoga and Pilates teachers will be able to help their clients further their fitness goals. Gyms offering these products will be able to draw more students in their group fitness classes.

The Wrist Wedge was ergonomically designed to reduce stress and pain during weight bearing exercises like push ups and planks. The entire hand rests on the wedge with the fingers on the downward slope. The angle of the Wrist Wedge reduces the degree of wrist extension; this decreases the pressure on the wrist. The measurements and angle were determined to be biomechanically sound and suitable for people of all ages.

The Knee Donut can prevent, reduce, or eliminate knee pain while in a weight bearing position. It provides structural support for the patella (kneecap.) Unlike other knee cushions, the donut shape prevents the patella from ever touching the floor. Not only are they perfect to help with any exercises done on the knees, they are also great tools for gardening. The Knee Donut is safe for those who have had knee replacement surgery.

The Neck Circle was invented for anyone who feels neck tension during or after exercise. Quite often a person has tension or discomfort in their neck while lying flat on their back. When the head is arched back it puts the neck in extension which can compress the cervical spine. This, over time, can lead to acute or chronic neck pain. Sometimes pain is not felt until hours later. In fact, exercise itself may not have been the cause. Instead, it could be the position of the head during the exercise. The Neck Circle keeps the head in a neutral position creating proper alignment. When placed under the base of the head the height provides cushion and support thus creating a biomechanically optimal position.

About Do or Die Fitness:

Do or Die Fitness is a company of women who teach fitness and dance and love to exercise and educate.

Personal Pilates instructor, Karyn Klein has an extensive background in dance, fitness and kinesiology. She has a masters degree in dance and was formerly Director of Dance at USC. She owns Pilates, Etc., a Pilates/Gyrotonic studio in South Pasadena, CA, and is adjunct faculty at Glendale Community College where she teaches dance, Pilates and injury prevention.   Gretchen Zelek, an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, was a Wall Street trader. A collegiate tennis player, she has continued her love for fitness by excelling in competitive training. She often finishes in the top of her age group in 5K and 10Ks.  With their passion for exercise and business, Gretchen and Karyn successfully merged the two worlds and formed Do or Die Fitness. They are excited to introduce these fitness tools to the exercise world.



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